If the standard modular panels don't work for me, can I have an entirely bespoke design?


What options are there for external cladding?


Will we need planning permission?

  • We can advise early in the process if we think Planning Consent will need to be considered.
  • Our two standard height buildings are suitable for the majority of sites without Planning.
  • Certain Planning guidance will dictate the location of your OmniCube and how close it is to the boundary.


    What foundations are required?

    • No concrete, no mess, no fuss – our ground screw foundations strong and quick to install.
    • Ground conditions will determine the length of screws installed. 
    • The process is completed within one day and a test report for building regulations can be supplied for peace of mind.
    • Yes, you can!
    • We can look at any specific requirements you have, and this is not limited to a completely free-standing building like the modular OmniCube.
    • Additional options can be to attach a bespoke building to the side of your house, or even on top of an existing single storey part of your home.
    • Our range of architectural and durable external materials require no on-going maintenance.
    • Timber cladding options that are 100% naturally resilient to UK weather conditions – no chemical stains or applied protection required.
    • OmniCube fascias and soffits are all clad in durable factory-finished cement composite board – No maintenance doesn’t have to mean UPVC!


    What sort of insulation does an OmniCube have, and how warm will it be?

    • Our 140mm structural wall framing - the same used in new timber frame housing, is filled with the insulation of your choice.
    • Glasswool, recycled plastic bottle, or sheep’s wool insulation – the choice is yours!
    • We provide 100mm floor insulation, and 100mm roof insulation but with an additional 50mm layer of acoustic insulation as standard!


      How long does the whole process take?

      • Design consultation to delivery on site, is approximately 8 weeks.
      • Site installation will generally be about one week, depending on the size of your OmniCube.
        • Yes – One 900x900mm rooflight comes as standard on all Omnicubes
        • Many sizes available  up to 1m in width and 1.8m in length.
        • Double, triple and acoustic glazed options available


        Can we have rooflights?

        • Our high performing insulation provision, means that any of the heating options we offer won’t need to be on for long!
        • Wired-in wall-mounted electric panel heater
        • Underfloor heating mats which are more energy efficient.
        • Wall mounted combined heater and air conditioning unit


        What heating can I have, and how warm will it be?


        How and when do I pay for my garden room?

        • We have a staggered payment plan from the point of full design through to completion and sign-off.
        • The payments would be made over the course of approximately 10 weeks.
        • Our high-quality architectural ply linings compliment the external contemporary materials.
        • Linings can be unscrewed either for building relocation, or for the introduction of additional services etc.
        • Plastering, and associated drying times have been eliminated from our buildings.
        • Our contemporary ply linings can be painted to introduce some colour, but we leave that creativity to you after we’re finished.


        What will the walls look like on the inside?


        What sort of windows can we have?

        • As standard, we only offer high performance aluminium windows and doors in our OmniCube buildings.
        • The strength, durability and performance of the aluminium systems we offer makes that extra difference to the overall design and feel of the building.
        • All windows and doors are provided with high performance double glazing as standard, but with triple glazed and acoustic options available.