About us

OmniCube is a unique free-standing modular garden building, providing your home with additional space that can be used for life.

We can supply and install, or supply only. DIY/self-build is made possible with our comprehensive instructions and "how to" videos.

We truly believe we are different from the rest. Our strong architectural design focus, together with the maticulously selected materials, will provide you with the ultimate combination of form and function in your new contemporary space. Safe in the knowledge that wastage and sustainability have been fully considered.

With ultimate flexibility in mind, our rooms are actually MOVABLE. Your OmniCube is part of your life and work style, and does not need to be left behind in a house-move.

It can be dismantled and relocated. We don’t nail or glue any part of the structure (other than some sealant) but rather everything is screwed, so it can be undone,

and put back together.

You choose the modular design and extras to suit your space and

your budget.

Your OmniCube garden room can be created by simply assembling standard components including standard wall panels, corner panels, window and door panels to create the desired plan form.

You could dis-assemble the OmniCube yourself or we can give you a price for the re-location.

This could also appeal if you are a long term property renter (with Landlord’s permission of course). The building would have to be re-roofed, but other than that everything can be re-used.

One of the driving principals of the Omnicube design is material efficiency.

The size of the panels has all been developed around whole timber sheet panel sizes and timber lengths, to almost eliminate material wastage. Wastage is real, and we all have a responsibility to minimize where we can.

See our pricing and FAQ pages for more information on our materials and options.

Our no-concrete ground screw foundations can be installed and ready to take the building in just one day.

Take a look at our installation video to see just how quick and easy it is

More videos of the full installation process will be added soon and to our YouTube channel